The roster of writers we are facilitating bookings for includes:

Jean 'Binta' Breeze

John Agard

Patience Agbabi

Mark Gwynne-Jones


Pete Bearder (aka Pete The Temp)

Michael Brome (aka Sureshot)

Philip Wells

Grace Nichols

Dzifa Benson

and more around the year

Email us at hq[at]renaissanceone.co.uk if you would like to discuss an event or a booking, or are interested in finding out more about our events and projects.

Watch videos of Jean 'Binta' Breeze

Poem Third World Girl from her new book, click HERE to watch

Poem The Wife of Bath, click HERE to watch

Jean 'Binta' Breeze

Legendary and versatile poet, speaker and mentor

Available for readings, performances, workshops and commissions

Jean 'Binta' Breeze is an internationally renowned poet and mentor, who visits England/the UK once or twice a year to give readings and take part in projects.  Jean, who is based in Jamaica, will be available for UK and Europe bookings between October and December 2014.

'A major, perhaps even a great voice. For stature, Jean ‘Binta’ Breeze invites a Caribbean comparison with Maya Angelou, except that her range is broader still. Her poetry shifts effortlessly through standard English to a native Jamaican which has no equal in its emotional depth' The Herald

She is well-known for her readings, performances, and poetry-music concerts with the Dennis Bovell Band, as well as inspiring others through speaking engagements and workshops.

To watch a performance click here

BOOK-DVD - THIRD WORLD GIRL: Jean's latest poetry collection and accompanying DVD of selected performances has been published by Bloodaxe


  • a book reading or a performance
  • a speaking engagement
  • a workshop
  • a residencya residency
  • mentoring activity
  • an INSET or training day

HOW TO BOOK: email hq[at]renaissanceone.co.uk or ring +44 (0) 207 272 8386 to discuss an event or workshop.

About Jean Binta Breeze: her words carry powerful political and personal messages, and audiences all around the world relate to and are inspired by her work.

She offers electric stage presence with rhythmic wordplay.  Her voice captures attention, whether speaking of Third World poverty, reggae music, family, the Caribbean or other themes that challenge and celebrate the human experience.

She is the recipient of an MBE for her Services to Literature and a National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts (NESTA) Award.  She is a patron for a number of organisations including Soft Touch Arts, Lyric Lounge and Showcase Smoothie.


Michael Brome aka Sureshot

Poet and performer; sagacious, inspiring, mentor

Available for readings, performances, workshops and commissions

"Inside my pockets

My worn unravelling pockets

I find loving souls"

Haiku on Philanthropy, performed at Philanthrophy Symposium by Cultivate, April 2011

Watch Michael perform his poem 'Blood' here

Michael is an East Midlands (Leicester) based poet and performer, who has performed widely both in the East Midlands and nationally. He’s been a winner of the BASS Festival Slam, a National Spoken Word Commission initiated by Baroness Lola Young and was a contributing writer-performer to the acclaimed 'Freedom' Showcase.


  • A reading or performance
  • A workshop (which includes performance)
  • A special commission e.g. residency
  • A talk or discussion event

HOW TO BOOK: email Adrianne, Bella or Melanie at hq[at]renaissanceone.co.uk or ring +44 (0) 207 272 8386 to discuss an event.

International work: he has toured nationally including Nottingham Playhouse, Off The Shelf Festival, Jazz Cafe and The Bluecoat, Liverpool.


Commission friendly: Michael responds to commissions resonantly, and through a mixture of formats whether prose, sonnet or haiku.

Contemporary and resonant: his messages pack a punch and inspire young and old alike.

Diversity: his diverse background is conveyed with passion and insight, and informs his empathy as a workshop leader.

Emerging talent: bright, open, and one to watch in conveying current issues through spoken word and music.

Themes: music and poetry, family, philanthropy (commission for Cultivate in 2011), personal power, making a difference.

A mentor: Michael teaches and mentors widely and encourages talent to shine through.

photo by Manuel Vason


Poet with charisma and electrifying wordplay

Available for readings, performances, workshops and commissions

“Adisa is the future.  It’s so good to have something to look forward to” Benjamin Zephaniah

Adisa is a favourite on the spoken word and performance poetry scenes.  He has performed widely – from music and literature festivals to pubs, from Buckingham Palace to schools, theatres and day centres for senior citizens. He’s been a winner of a national competition New Performance Poet of the Year, a Hackney Poet Laureate and Poet-in-Residence at the Crafts Council.


  • A reading or performance
  • A workshop (which includes performance)
  • An INSET or training day
  • A special commission e.g. residency or themed activity
  • The 1968: The Year That Never Ended show and accompanying workshop
  • A talk or discussion event on a theme

HOW TO BOOK: email Katrina, Adrianne or Melanie at hq@renaissanceone.co.uk or ring +44 (0) 207 272 8386 to discuss an event.

International work: he has toured around the world, from poetry and literature festivals to international schools, including the London Jazz Festival, the ‘Power in the Voice’ British Council Project in Botswana and international schools in a range of countries.

BOOK: His first collection of selected poems, Lip Hopping With Fundi-Fu was published in 2010 (Caboodle Books).  He regularly gives readings from his collection at schools and festivals and his work has been published in poetry anthologies including Poems Out Loud selected by Brian Moses (Hodder Wayland Books), Velocity: The best of Apples and Snakes (Black Spring Press) and Moving Voices Black Performance Poetry (Hansib Publications).


Contemporary and resonant: Adisa’s words carry powerful political and personal messages that makes his work very resonant for our times. 

Diversity: Adisa offers artistic flair and diversity of form and his cultural diversity is conveyed with passion and insight.

Over fifteen years of workshops and education/Mid-Career experience: Adisa offers a bright and open attitude that is refreshing to young people and children.  He has run numerous workshops for organisations including Apples & Snakes, Creative Partnerships, the British Council and schools, festivals and arts centres.  

Themes: Citizenship, family, finding your voice, international, music and poetry, rap, style, personal power, making a difference, collaboration and team-working.

A mentor: Adisa teaches and mentors at a range of venues.  He is a qualified life coach as well as an experienced facilitator.  He shapes activities that encourage young people, especially boys and young men, to feel empowered and to make the most of their talents. His workshops offer a sea-change in participants’ responsiveness to arts, creativity and personal impact. 


Adisa’s gift to the world is ‘the word’. His art of ‘verbalizing’ opens new doors, make connections and creates magic.” Richard Mallett, London Philharmonic Orchestra

"Adisa has an amazing ability to draw out fine poetic words from even the most reluctant of students.  He inspires without overwhelming and continues to win over teachers and students to the power of poetry. He is capable of delivering a workshop to just about anyone"Centerprise Literature Development Project

Adisa's workshop style

Themes include 'Verbalism' and finding your own voice

As a poet who goes by the well-earned name of Adisa the Verbalizer his performances pack a punch and offer inspiring messages that young and old alike can take resource and heart from.  This includes his one-person show 1968 (see below) which explored the politically changing and socially-impactful year of 1968 and transposed it to the present, drawing on themes of finding your own voice, wake up! and working together make a difference.

HIS ONE-PERSON SHOW Adisa worked with renaissance one in 2009 to develop his first one-man show: 1968 – The Year That Never EndedThe development of the show was funded by Arts Council England and included working it into a show that combines poetry, comic wit, and social commentary with music, offering a theatrical experience for young people and adults alike, and touring the show around England.

 In 2009 and 2010 the show 1968: The Year That Never Ended toured to Ilkley Literature Festival, Off The Shelf Festival (Sheffield), The Drum (Birmingham), Chapter and Verse Festival (The Bluecoat), The Hat Factory (Luton), Artsdepot (Barnet) and the Barbican Centre.

Show info: runs approximately 1 hr 20 mins with interval or 1 hour and 40 minute versions available.  It has been developed to combine a workshops and/or a discussion activity to draw out themes of leadership, revolution and the power of the voice.  Can be shaped into a whole week or a day of activity.

Show Style: It fuses Adisa’s performance poetry, comic wit, and social commentary with music, offering a theatrical experience that is thought-provoking and entertaining. 

Age range: 11 years to adult.  May be adapted to suit a younger group, available on request.