The Independence Project

By the end of 2016, Guyana, Barbados, Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago will have passed the 50 years mark of political independence since the European flags came down in the Caribbean and attentions turned to settlement, new beginnings and self-determination. For this project, writers, broadcasters, thinkers and speakers from the Caribbean and England probe the wide-ranging narratives and perspectives of independence and discuss and present perspectives of independence as they have altered over decades.

The contributors include Colin Grant, Kerry Young, Caryl Phillips, Robert Antoni, Jean ‘Binta’ Breeze, Maggie Harris, John Agard, Hannah Lowe, Dr Raj Persaud, Marc Matthews, Anita Sethi, Raymond Antrobus. The project is curated by Melanie Abrahams and presents an opportunity to explore the connections between mental health, wellbeing, having agency, and notions of independence. 

Living For The City

An exploration of city life and sounds in the East Midlands through a hand-picked soundtrack of poetry, spoken word and music, Renaissance One presents thrilling East Midlands poets and performers in a brand new show for Writing East Midland’s Lyric Lounge Leicester. The poets and DJ respond to their home cities – Derby, Nottingham, Leicester – and explore through words and performance living, working, struggling and getting by, and what it is about the sights, sounds and senses of city-life that we all live for. The show, suitable for all ages, emphasises the atmosphere and daily life of the region.

Music Of My Mind

Music Of My Mind offered a kaleidoscopic journey through music, sound, lyrics and beats. Starting from the premise that music plays an important part in life – it can crystallise a moment, heal, celebrate, stir up passions, soothe, help you through the day and evoke memories. Inspired by the Stevie Wonder album of the same name, we invite writers, artists, musicians and DJs to share and explore their key musical moments – music that crystallises a moment, stirs up, soothes & evokes memories. Each contributor offered their own personal take on how they appreciate music, the impact of music on their craft and favourite musicians, singers and songs. The musical choices presented will cover a broad spectrum, including artists that are popularly and widely recognised, as well as musicians less well known, with the explicit aim of prompting discussion and debate on personal taste and feelings about music. 

Following a one-off event at the Curve Theatre in 2010 featuring the East Midlands’ based artists Mellow Baku, Michael Brome and DJ: Psykhomantus, we plan to develop the project in 2017, for touring in 2018.