He writes in different styles, but his most popular tales are wildly comic narrations, a cross between poetry and short stories, about everyday Caribbean people and incidents embellished with just the right amount of exaggeration.
— Ken Corsbie in Caribbean Beat

Paul Keens-Douglas is a internationally acclaimed storyteller, raconteur and public speaker based in Trinidad.  As an eloquent social commentator in the English-speaking Caribbean, he has created characters such as Tanti at De Oval, Vibert, Sugar George and many more.  He champions the development of oral traditions and use of the vernacular as a literary form.  

As well as producing videos, CDS and videos, his books include Tim Tim: The Dialect Poetry of Paul Keens-DouglasWhen Moon ShineIs Town Say So! Dialect Poetry and Short StoriesLal shop: Short Stories and Dialect PoetryTANTI AT DE OVAL: Selected Works of Paul Keens Douglas and CDs, LPs and videos. His awards include the Zora Neale Hurston award for Folklore, a 2003 Sunshine Award, and the Humming Bird Silver Award for Culture.

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