Mini Series Chapter I: Introduction to Intersectional Feminism & Colourism

Renaissance One / Tilt are organisations that strives to cultivate diversity within literature. It is important that the word ‘artist’ represent a range of different areas and ways in which people are able to express themselves. The aim is to expand the limiting definition of ‘performance poetry’ and help evolve the meaning so it can be used to describe different mediums that consider themes such as, speech, satire and oratory, thus showing that there are a range of ways that can be used to express a story.

This very aim made me think of the new and different realms of artistry, especially in our postmodern society. Social media is an excellent example that has allowed the meaning of artist to expand holding the title of an artist can almost be seen as less of an occupation but more of a way of living, but most importantly, it is being able to tell a story, regardless of gender or race.

That is why in this mini-series I would like to talk about and express my interest in colourism and intersectional feminism, within the millennial era. Although times are becoming more aware of diversity [as they should] it is clear that a narrow, archaic and prejudice outlook is still prevalent. We need to understand the root of these notions and moreover continue to keep the conversation going.